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Laser Cleaning & Surface Preparation

Laser cleaning systems for commercial applications have advanced greatly over the last 10 years. Today, these handheld, powerful yet quiet units perform work at a cost-effective speed, removing coatings or contaminants from virtually any substrate safely without damaging the substrate and with little to no collateral waste or environmental pollution. Maviro is offering this new Laser technology as a service to the Industrial market.

How It Works

The laser allows the operator precise manipulation of the light beam to clean challenging, high value surfaces without water, chemicals, or abrasive materials, neither creating nor altering existing profiles or anchor points and leaving irregular or flat substrates like welds, flanges or gasket surfaces in their original state. When activated, the laser’s powerful light-beam removes coatings while the internal vacuum fume extractor draws residue into the disposal chamber. 

Why Choose Maviro For Laser Services

Superior Quality

Laser leaves a surface quality much cleaner than traditional methods and does not create abrasive wear.

Minimal Environmental Impact

The Laser system has a full vacuum system that captures any residues generated from the removal process and is ideal for environmentally sensitive areas. Laser also has significant reductions in contaminated residues for disposal.


Laser can be used on a large number of different surfaces and/or cleaning scenarios.


The laser services cause minimal interference issues so other work can be on going in the same area without effecting it, unlike other alternative methods.

Laser Cleaning In Action

Benefits Of The Laser

+ Quick: Set-up and start production in literally minutes
  • Safe: Stable and reliable, the laser performs work in a non-hazardous fashion
  • Mobile: The “laser head” used by the operator can be up to 150 ft. from the power generation unit, providing flexibility
  • Minimal Interference: Little to no impact on work in surrounding areas
  • Clean: Reduces noise, chemicals, fumes, dust, particulate
  • Reduced Disposal: no spent media significant reduction in disposal volume and cost
  • Environmentally-safe: Filtration and fume extractor draws residue into disposal chamber and draws dust and fumes into HEPA/activated carbon filters


“At Maviro, we continue to invest in new technologies and processes to improve safety and efficiency in the workplace.”

Service Applications



Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Natural Gas

Natural Gas

Power Plants

Power Plants

mining_dump_truck-512 med green


paper mill green

Pulp & Paper

Ideal Laser Jobs:

  • Hazardous Coatings and Rust Removal
    Laser removes coatings and deposits including lead, oils, hydrocarbons, and rust.
  • Weld Inspections
    Laser leaves a fully exposed weld in clean condition, enabling NDT inspection without worry of residues affecting results.
  • Delicate Work or Sensitive Areas
    Use on fine surfaces or in areas where sandblasting is not an option due to grit contamination with sensitive equipment (i.e. electric equipment, QA/QC issues).
  • Architectural Cleaning
    Restore monuments, plaques, buildings, and structures safely, without damaging the original surface.
  • Environmental Issues
    A laser process is the cleanest surface prep option available as all materials are collected in the vacuum system, making it ideal for areas like waterways.
  • Interference Issues
    • Since the laser causes minimal interference issues, other work can be done in the same space without affecting safety, quality, or scheduling.


The laser cleaning and surface preparation solution can be utilized on a wide variety of substrates, including:

  • Metals (steel, aluminum, etc.)
  • Composites
  • Stone
  • Cement
  • Wood and other organic materials

Enviroblast & Vacu Blast Technology

Vacu-Blasting and Enviro Blasting is ideally suited for surface area preparation projects where surrounding work by multiple trades needs to continue uninterrupted and where cleanliness of the surrounding work environment is important.

Vacu-Blast operates with all the same equipment as conventional media-blasting with the exception of the actual blast head. A Vacu-Blast head is held directly against the surface requiring treatment and features a powerful vacuum line that immediately draws back all residue from the treated surface along with the related blast media. Flexible bristles between the blast head and the substrate allow the vacuum to draw in all dust and particulate ensuring a continuously clean work environment.

Enviro Blast system utilizes a closed loop blasting technology and is significantly faster than conventional sandblasting. This technology is a key integrated step to faster tank cleaning externally , and internally as it can fit through a 24 inch manway. 








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Laser & Vacu Blast Services

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