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Advanced Pigging Services

Optimizing heat transfer and improving thermal efficiency on your process heaters is critical to improving your bottom line by reducing operating costs and extending run lengths. Aligning your facility with a trusted, experienced pigging and decoking company will improve reliability and eliminate expensive premature pipe wear due to inexperienced service providers.

Maviro provides full-service pigging and decoking services for the North America’s petrochemical refineries and SAGD facilities. We use the most advanced pigging techniques to safely remove coke and other mineral deposits from piping and serpentine coils.

Our experienced operators maximize each hour with effective pig runs per hour to ensure you are back online faster than other service providers. Detailed reporting and live tracking with state of the art environmentally and code compliant pump units dramatically improve reliability and predictability on the job.

Our hand picked teams have years of experience decoking fire heater furnaces, and have logged thousands of hours working with vacuum, crude, pipe stills, coker units, Steam boilers, filtration, line flushing and commissioning, pipeline pigging, and more. Many of the current best practices for decoking used in the industry today were developed by our team.

Maviro utilizes the latest pigging technology to provide:

  • Closed loop furnace pigging
  • Laser cleaning radiant tube ODs
  • Line flushing and pipeline pigging
  • Full inventory of parts and consumables

Our closed loop pigging process uses high-volume, low pressure pumps to move pigs bi-directionally through fired heater serpentine coils and pipe. The operator progressively increases the size of the pigs to safely remove the deposits while constantly monitoring pressures and flow rates of the ambient temperature water from the climate-controlled control room.

When paired with our exclusive radiant tube laser cleaning process, the maximum heat transfer properties for your heater design will be optimized. Our process is more effective than steam air decoking and on-line spalling. In addition, you are able to perform concurrent maintenance, which makes your operations more efficient.

Our softcore pig design has varying durometer hardness paired with a multitude of different appendages, allows us to effectively remove even the hardest layer of coke while minimizing tube erosion.

Our Equipment



Maviro delivers safe, automated, and proven solutions for a variety of specialty industrial services to companies across North America. We review the needs of our clients on an individual basis, working to identify the right solutions to meet their goals. Our approach of utilizing the best people and technology results in faster, more affordable projects, reduced downtime, and most importantly safer employees.

Safety Comes First: We never put people at risk. Strict safety protocols for both materials and practices, continuous employee training, and the latest automated technology make us an industry leader in safety and compliance. Full-Service Partnership: Our team is here to support your team at every stage of the project management cycle. From pre-planning, execution to the safe efficient completion of the project.

Simpler Environmental Compliance: From using the latest non-toxic chemical cleaning products to running efficient hydro-cleaning operations, as well as utilizing new technologies, our commitment to environmental practices ensures your compliance every step of the way.

Full-Circle Project Management Experience: We work with your team from the earliest stages of the project’s lifecycle, providing consulting, on-site planning, and on-site management that meet your company’s exact project needs. Maviro’s expert teams are comprised of veteran employees, who complete tasks safer, faster, and more efficiently than the competition, saving our clients both time and money.

Reliable and Professional: We seek input from all the key players as part of our planning process that typically includes safety, planning and scheduling, maintenance, operations, engineering, procurement, and subject matter experts to ensure your project is a success.

Integrity and Reputation: Maviro has been providing exceptional service to clients across North America for decades. Our reputation for safe, fast, industrial cleaning and specialty services is something we’ve built for over 30+ years. We are on time and on budget, every time.

Innovative Options: We offer the traditional solutions, but we also offer a number of unique innovative options for applications requiring a different approach. These additional unique options have helped our customers to save big and are one of the key reasons they keep coming back to us.

Service Applications



Our safe, cost-effective solutions for the petrochemical industry minimize downtime and reduce risk.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Our team can help you map out your entire oil and gas project, from planning to execution.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas

Maviro’s services deliver innovation, accuracy, and safety for a variety of natural gas solutions.

Power Plants

Power Plants

Enhance operations for your power plant with chemical cleaning, high-pressure water services, and more.

Safety & Training

  • Newly-designed self-contained equipment
  • Integrated splash and secondary water containment
  • Tier 4 Final Engines
  • Customized pig tracking system
  • Detailed reporting numbers
  • Built to meet ANSI/ASME B31.3 standards
  • Mobile Filtration Units - 95% water recycling
  • Multiple locations for rapid 24/7 mobilization

We also provide:

  • 24-7 rapid response times across North America 
  • A full-service experience, from planning and on-site preparation to execution and completion 

Advanced Pigging
and Decoking

Safely remove coke and other mineral deposits with the latest smart pigging technology from Maviro. Learn how with a free quote today.

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