Catalyst Services

Maviro is a leading catalyst service provider for North America’s growing chemical, petrochemical, and oil & gas refining industries. Some of the largest multinational enterprises in the World trust us for their catalyst needs, including Chevron, Gulf, Valero, and others.

Maviro engineers, project managers, equipment operators, technicians and safety teams have completed hundreds of reactor turnarounds since the 1990s, and have hands-on experience with the vast majority of  reactors on the market today.

An all-inclusive catalyst service list, unparalleled industry safety benchmarks, and a fully modernized fleet of equipment , make us one of the most sought after providers of catalyst services operating in North America today.

Maviro provides the following catalyst services for our clients:

  • Catalysts Loading - Sock loading, dense loading, & pneumatic loading
  • Catalysts Screening / De-dusting
  • Fixed bed inert catalyst changeouts
  • Catalyst unloading / vacuuming
  • Gravity dumping
  • Inert entry
  • Spent catalyst storage
  • Augering
  • High pressure water services
  • Product removal
  • Tubular loading & unloading
  • Catalyst mixing and blending services
  • Catalysts Storage Options
  • Inert atmosphere mechanical and Inspection services
  • Catalysts Elevator services
  • Sandblast / Vacublast / Dry Ice Blast / Laser

On top of these services, Maviro delivers:

  • Detailed planning and project management services
  • Industry Leading procedures and Protocols
  • 24/7 rapid response across North America.
  • NIOSH approved helmets and life support units
  • Specialty contractors (nitrogen/air suppliers, crane support, welders, and dense loading specialists)
  • And much more…

Contact Maviro today for a quote into your upcoming catalyst service project.