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Industrial Vacuum Services

Chemical plants, refineries, and manufacturing facilities must have a way to safely remove waste product from various tanks, vessels, wastewater treatment chambers, and other collection units, while ensuring a high degree of compliance with environmental regulations.
To meet all of its demands, industrial service companies often turns to vacuuming to help remove these cast-off materials from their premises, and for good reason. Not only is vacuuming a versatile removal method that cleans up both dry and wet materials regardless of toxicity, with the adaptability to reach even the most difficult areas with a combination of robotics and automation technology.
For decades the experts at Maviro have been helping industrial service companies remove sludge, debris, ash, and other cast-off by-product with great efficiency by combining human knowledge and advanced vacuum technology. With a huge range of vacuum equipment at our disposal, we can significantly reduce the time it takes to perform turnaround maintenance on industrial sites, saving our clients time and money while ensuring the safety of every member of their team.
Liquid vacuum trucks including our vapor scrubbing systems insures the removal of hydrocarbon waste while controlling exhaust vapors to the atmosphere.

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Maviro delivers safe and proven solutions for a variety of specialty industrial services needs to companies across North America. 

Understand the problem - Identify a solution , pair with well trained reliable people with the newest  technologies results in  a Safe efficient project result. 

Safety Comes First. Detailed SWP's

Environmental Compliance. Waste minimization and recycling  

Project Management. Data Collection , hands on senior team

Measured Performance. Predictable Results.

Integrity and Reputation to find the safest and cost effective solution.

Innovative Options. Thinking outside of the box. Embracing Technology.

Service Applications



Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Natural Gas

Natural Gas

Power Plants

Power Plants

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Pulp & Paper

Some of the benefits of going with Maviro include:

  • Vacuum pumping for storm drainage, sewers, and catch basins
  • Tank pumping for a huge range of utility and industrial grade tanks of all sizes
  • Huge assortment of vacuum equipment to handle any type of job, including carbon steel and stainless steel vacuums and dry and liquid vacuums.
  • Hazardous waste cleanup and removal including toxic sludge and slurries, in either liquid or solid form
  • Rapid cleanup services in the event of tank spills and accidents

Furthermore, we maintain a modernized fleet of vacuum units, including:

  • Carbon and stainless steel vacuum units
  • Dry and liquid units
  • Flushing units
  • Hydro excavators
  • Wet units

Need Service?

If you have an upcoming project that requires vacuuming services, or have questions you’d like to ask us, then feel free to give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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