Specialty Chemical Cleaning
with a Full Spectrum of Engineering and Consulting Services

For plant outages, our unique team of professional problem-solving managers, chemists and engineers will work closely with you to find the right solution for all of your chemical cleaning needs, from the initial planning stages up to the successful completion of your project.

As a subsidiary of Maviro,  RMIS specializes in detail-oriented chemical cleaning solutions that include engineering and consulting services, procedure preparation, chemistry and other analytical services associated with chemical cleaning, water treatment, and waste treatment and disposal. We strive to provide our clients a complete solution with the highest levels of service, safety, quality and technology. Our ICOR™ Series of chelation agents are custom blended for each project to meet your cleaning requirements.

What Are the Benefits of Chemical Cleaning?

  • More options, better outcomes: Chemical cleaning solutions remove deposits and stop under deposit corrosion, improving heat transfer, flow characteristics and other system parameters.
  • Easier on people, easier on the environment: New chemicals and cleaning processes make environmental compliance easier and keep crews and employees safe.

We strive to provide our clients a complete solution with the highest levels of service, safety, quality, and technology. Our on-site laboratories provide immediate process results, allowing up-to-date data tracking and determination of project end points.

RMIS’ dedicated national partnerships with significant chemical and equipment suppliers ensure each job receives the individual attention and solution it requires. We have an exclusive source for all of our chelation technology agents, which are part of RMIS’ unique ICOR series—just one of our proprietary chemical cleaning processes. Our dedication to providing only the best services to our clients extends to our equipment; our fleet of pumps, heat exchangers, piping and mechanical applications allows RMIS to meet or exceed any job requirement while maintaining the highest standards of safety and capability—all while preserving respectful integration with each client’s equipment and facilities.

Our Services


Pre-Service Engineering

Procedural Development
Identification of flow path

Off-Site Analytical Services

Deposit Characterization
Density & Morphology
Solvent Selection
Post Cleaning Analysis

On-Site Analytical Services

Up to date data tracking

Waste Disposal

On-site treatment
Off-site disposal options

Other Services

Consulting Services
Mechanical Preparation

RMIS Chemical Cleaning

Specialized chemical cleaning

Equipment Serviced By RMIS

Our expansive and ever-growing technical know-how allows us to work on a variety of equipment that includes but is not limited to:

  • Boilers, both power and recovery
  • Heat exchangers
  • Process piping and vessels
  • Hydraulic and lube oil systems
  • Surface condensers
  • HP turbines
  • Wet scrubber systems
  • BOP Systems


RMIS delivers safe and proven solutions for a variety of specialty industrial services to companies across North America. We review the needs of our clients on an individual basis, working to identify the right solutions to meet their goals. Our approach of utilizing the best people and technology results in faster, more affordable projects, reduced downtime, healthier employees, and a cleaner environment.

Safety Comes First: We never put people at risk. Strict safety protocols for both materials and practices, continuous employee training, and the latest automated technology make us an industry leader in safety and compliance. Full-Service Partnership: Our team is here to support your team at every stage of the project management cycle. From pre-planning, execution to the safe efficient completion of the project.

Simpler Environmental Compliance: From using the latest non-toxic chemical cleaning products to running efficient hydro-cleaning operations, as well as utilizing new technologies, our commitment to environmental practices ensures your compliance every step of the way.

Full-Circle Project Management Experience: We work with your team from the earliest stages of the project’s lifecycle, providing consulting, on-site planning, and on-site management that meet your company’s exact project needs. RMIS’ expert teams are comprised of veteran employees, who complete tasks safer, faster, and more efficiently than the competition, saving our clients both time and money.

Reliable and Professional: We seek input from all the key players as part of our planning process that typically includes safety, planning and scheduling, maintenance, operations, engineering, procurement, and subject matter experts to ensure your project is a success.

Integrity and Reputation: RMIS has been providing exceptional service to clients across North America for decades. Our reputation for safe, fast, industrial cleaning and specialty services is something we’ve built for over 30+ years. We are on time and on budget, every time.

Innovative Options: We offer the traditional solutions, but we also offer a number of unique innovative options for applications requiring a different approach. These additional unique options have helped our customers to save big and are one of the key reasons they keep coming back to us.

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With an unmatched safety record, the most respected team in the industry, innovative solutions, and superior chemistry, we provide the highest quality chemical cleaning services available in the industry today.

Discover RMIS’ unique capability to provide a full range of services and complete solutions to suit your needs.
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We built our reputation as skilled problem solvers with attention to details often overlooked by our competitors. Our personnel share almost a half-century of involvement with the chemical cleaning industry; this specialized experience underscores RMIS’ unique capability to provide a full range of services and complete solutions for our clients’ needs.

Charles Wigglesworth

VP, Business Services

Ernie Wigglesworth

VP, Technical Services


RMIS strives to be the best, safest and most technologically advanced chemical cleaning service provider in North America. Our philosophy is simple:

  • Provide high-quality, safe chemical cleaning
  • Employ highly certified personnel

  • Use the best equipment available
  • Ensure work is performed to the highest level of quality
  • Offer the highest level of service

  • Generate and earn high levels of repeat business



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Where We Serve

RMIS provides specialized chemical cleaning services across the USA including Hawaii and Alaska from 3 strategic locations. With years of experience in solving customers' industrial service challenges, our exceptional talent, advanced equipment, and proven expertise gives us the tools we need to deliver excellence in Specialty Chemical Cleaning.