Health & Safety at Maviro

The most important asset of any company is its people. That makes safety the single most important goal of Maviro. It is reflected in every decision we make, it plays a role in whom we hire and whom we do business with. It manifests in our values and runs deep in our culture.

Safety for Maviro begins at project planning and does not stop until leadership is debriefed on the work we’ve completed. It manifests in the technology we source and the equipment we purchase. And it shows in our past results for clients. 

We don’t just follow industry best practices, we improve upon them.  We track and measure our safety performance religiously and regularly look for ways to make our safety processes as simple and straightforward as possible.

Maviro strives to minimize the impact of its operations to the environment and to provide safe and healthful working conditions for our employees and those around them 100% of the time.

Maviro’s fundamental health & safety principles are:

  • To place the health and safety of people as the top priority;
  • To regularly evaluate and monitor past and present business activities impacting upon health, safety and environmental matters;
  • To conform to internal standards based on generally accepted health, safety and environmental practices and established industry codes of practice;
  • To comply with or exceed all applicable health, safety and environmental laws and regulations;
  • Improve the efficient use of natural resources, including energy;
  • Minimize waste streams and emissions;
  • Implement effective recycling programs in our operations, through the use of locally and corporately set continuous improvement targets;
  • To utilize state of the art design, engineering and competency based training to reduce risk to people and environmental impact to an acceptable level;
  • To ensure that a systematic review program is implemented and monitored at all times for each of its operations, with a goal of continual improvement in health, safety and environmental matters;
  • To ensure that accurate reports on health, safety and environmental matters are provided to Senior Management. 

All levels of management are responsible and held accountable for providing a safe work environment and are expected to actively participate in meeting the aforementioned principles and objectives.

All employees are made aware of the foregoing objectives and principles and are required to incorporate and abide by the spirit of such objectives and principles in carrying out their responsibilities 

Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

If you have a question about Maviro’s safety processes and procedures, don’t hesitate to contact our safety hotline:

Maviro Safety Hotline


The following are some of the 3rd party Safety Auditing companies that review/audit  us for various clients.

Avetta Browz
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