Maviro is focused on providing Specialty Industrial Services to the North American market. 

We know that time is money, in both maintenance and turnaround situations. The right people and the right technology are the keys to reducing the costs of traditionally labor intensive services while improving results. By utilizing proven technologies, state of the art equipment, and experienced operators, we are able to help our customers decrease downtime and ensure a faster return to normal operations.

Safety is the most important part of our culture at Maviro. Our employees are some of the most experienced in the industry and are fully committed to industry leadership in health, safety and environmental stewardship. In all our operations, through technological innovation and process efficiencies, we strive to provide the safest working conditions possible for our employees and those around them, 100% of the time.

Safer, faster, more professional project turnarounds are Maviro’s objectives. Click below for an in-depth look at what we offer our U.S. clients.

Catalysts Services

Maviro is a leading provider of Catalysts Changeout Services including, inert entry work, catalysts unloading & loading including sock loading, dense loading, tubular & pneumatic loading, elevator (Matta-LiftTM) and conveyor loading systems, catalysts mixing, screening and storage as well as many more.

Pigging & DeCoking Services 

Maviro offers a full pigging and decoking service list from closed loop pigging to advanced smart pig technology to provide complete system feedback for evaluating system performance.

Industrial Services

Maviro is a leading provider of industrial services, offering high pressure water  cleaning and cutting, various vacuum services including wet, dry, combo units, hydro excavation, nitrogen recirculation, various unloading systems & bagging and more.

Surface Preparation

Maviro offers some unique surface prep options and in combination with some of our other services such as within inert atmospheres or spaces. Offer cleaning and removal of various surface coatings using laser, vacu blasting, dry ice blasting as well as standard sand blasting removal and more…..

Tank Cleaning Services 

Maviro works with clients to determine what is important to them in determining the best tank cleaning methods – there are several key factors such as time, product recovery, tank stability, price, site restrictions, disposal options,  all which may be different critical factors in a successful tank job. We offer a complete line of different cleaning options from very automated through to ones that are more labour intensive work with Maviro to determine the best solution for you. …..

Project Management

From early strategic planning and on-site preparations to project execution and completion, Maviro has the people and experience you need to get the job done right the first time around.