Laser Services

Lasers are showing incredible promise in the industrial service industry. Combined with advances in automation and robotics, lasers are now being used to clean industrial machinery and equipment surfaces with greater speed and cost efficiency than ever before.

Maviro offers some of the latest and most advanced hand-held and  laser cleaning services in the industrial services industry. Our equipment is highly efficient, maximizing cleaning speed while reducing costs for our customers. Our lasers are powerful enough to remove old paint coatings, rust, oxide layers  and much more, while still leaving the existing irregular or flat substrates like welds, flanges, or gasket surfaces in their original state.

Maviro laser equipment is state-of-the-art, providing a precise removal method to meet our customers expectations. Our technicians have performed tens of thousands of hours in the field and the laser cleaning process is both very safe and very quiet.

Why choose Maviro for laser services?

  • Proprietary Laser Cleaning Process: Maviro’s exclusive in-house radiant tube laser cleaning process safely cleans fragile or critical surfaces without the use of toxic chemicals or abrasive materials.
  • Highly Accessible Design: We use a highly mobile, self-contained laser system which allows our laser technicians access to confined areas without the need to stay near the power generation unit.
  • Setup within Minutes: It takes minutes to prepare our laser equipment on site, saving our clients time and money over the course of the cleaning project.
  • Zero environmental impact: Laser cleaning doesn’t require huge amounts of water, and there is no need for harsh or toxic cleaning products or sand to dispose of.

Top applications include weld cleaning for inspection purposes, removal of hazardous coatings, like lead, asbestos, oil contaminated coatings, and many others. Maviro provides advanced coating removal where there is a need to do other work around that traditional sand blasting would interfere with

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