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SAFETY, SPEED AND ACCURACY are key when performing a tubular reactor change out. It is vital that you partner with a company that has the expertise and latest technology to manage the job. Extended downtime, equipment damage or poor load quality will significantly impact your bottom line.

Maviro is a specialized service provider that is continuously developing and incorporating technology to improve safety, provide consistent results and reduce downtime.  By pairing Maviro’s wisdom with proven technology, like the SUEZ loader clients are experiencing a reduction in maintenance costs and are seeing higher production rates with improved yields.

The data collected and provided by Maviro during the turnaround gives the owners the confidence to maximize throughput while extending run lengths.

Maviro provides a ONE STOP TOTAL SOLUTION for your Catalyst Change out. Maviro catalyst's  bundled approach, which includes pre-planning – unloading – cleaning – loading and testing delivers a more consistent, predictable result with minimal downtime.


Fleet of modern, Tier 4 final high-volume vacuum units with electronic grounding systems. Depending on the customers specification or request we employ a number of techniques to efficiently remove the catalyst while protecting the integrity of the tubes. Air lancing, fish taping or stiff lances are methods used, by which catalyst particles are loosened with pressurized air and removed by vacuum.

If required by the customer, Maviro can screen, package, weigh the spent catalyst for disposal, reclamation or regeneration.


Once the catalyst has been safely removed and contained, the inside of the reactor is inspected cleaned of deposits corrosion and other materials. Depending on the material, and client specification we will use specially designed wire brushes, abrasive blasting or high-pressure water blasting. Our teams are cross trained with our water jetting group and use the latest hands free multi tube jetting technology.


The most critical component of the process is the reloading of the catalyst. Maviro can utilize several techniques from manual to machines and has secured the exclusive rights to use the SUEZ tubular loading system. When using this system over 120 tubes can be loaded at a time with each unit. Not only does this provide a significant time savings – the technology results in an unprecedented level of accuracy, has a 2 stage de-dust eliminates a blow down step, accurately logs tube counts minimizes deviation and subsequent corrections. We also address and handle the mechanical components including support plates and springs


Maviro uses a variety of techniques and technologies to inspect and verify the load quality and ensure no bridging has occurred. We will check the tubes (all or a percentage specified by the client) for differential  pressure drops (dP).  The system was developed in house uses flow controllers to allow for reliable air flow measurements. The data is transmitted to a computer that records logs and maps the tube sheet for quality control and analysis. The dP measurements shall not exceed +/- 3% of the average differential pressure of all measured tubes. Tubes that are out of spec will be corrected until they meet this tolerance criteria. Because of the accuracy of the SUEZ technology we are seeing results better than 2% with minimum corrections.

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Maviro delivers safe and proven solutions for a variety of specialty industrial services needs to companies across North America. 

Understand the problem - Identify a solution , pair with well trained reliable people with the newest  technologies results in  a Safe efficient project result. 

Safety Comes First. Detailed SWP's

Environmental Compliance. Waste minimization and recycling  

Project Management. Data Collection , hands on senior team

Measured Performance. Predictable Results.

Integrity and Reputation to find the safest and cost effective solution.

Innovative Options. Thinking outside of the box. Embracing Technology.

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Oil & Gas

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Some of the benefits of going with the SUEZ Loader include:

  • Speed - 120 tubes at a time per unit
  • Quality - Consistent load with two stage de-dusting
  • Plate System for accurate tube counts
  • Minimal deviations
  • Reduced handling results in less attrition
  • Reduced Manpower

We can also bundle with Maviro's other specialty service lines:

  • Disposal and reclamation handling
  • High pressure water jetting
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Inspection

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