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Specialty Boiler Cleaning

De Slagging

Concussion Wave De Slagging

Deposited sediments decrease operational volume and channel capacity, while increasing costs & negatively impacting the effectiveness of the whole system.

Explosive deslagging (Concussion Wave Deslagging) incorporates the technology of initiating a series of controlled micro-explosions. The shock (concussion) wave created in the process lossens, breaks, crushes and removes the deposited slag, ash, and other deposited debris, causing it to fall freely to the bottom of the boiler house.

This method can be used not only during downtime but also while the boiler is On-Line and operational. This OnLine deslagging keeps the system running efficiently and substantially shortens the total downtime

Our explosive deslagging maintenance service can be used to clean WTE boilers, decloging hoppers & siloes, Crude oil-fired boilers (with vanadium-laden slag deposits), recovery boilers at pulp and paper plants, power plant components such as scrubbers, fly ash silos, and precipitators. And even frozen coal are blasted to speed up the unloading process.

Boiler Washing Services

Maviro has the expertise and equipment  to provide safe and reliable On-Line Boiler Washing . Our experienced cleaning crews use the latest  Tier 4-Final-compliant engines that meet the new EPA standards, reducing NOx and particulate matter by 90% or more.  Our units can quickly be converted up to 40,000 psi (2,800 bar) ensuring we have the right balance of pressure, flow and horsepower to do the job.  Whether you are partially cleaning to extend the production run, or the unit is offline to perform a full maintenance cleaning we have right equipment. 

Scheduled /Routine Maintenance we are ready


Benefits :

  • Charges make a clean sweep of the entire boiler
  • Speed - 50% faster than conventional methods 
  • Can dislodge refractory minimizing repair time
    (operating at reduced load)

Applications for this technology include: 

  • Packaged boilers and up to 1,300-MW central stations
  • Power plant scrubbers, fly ash silos, precipitators
  • Recovery Boilers - Pulp & Paper
  • Coal Fired Units
  • Waste Fired Systems - Waste to Energy Plants
  • And many others…

Our Equipment



Maviro delivers safe and proven solutions for a variety of specialty industrial services needs to companies across North America. 

Understand the problem - Identify a solution , pair with well trained reliable people with the newest  technologies results in  a Safe efficient project result. 

Safety Comes First. Detailed SWP's

Environmental Compliance. Waste minimization and recycling  

Project Management. Data Collection , hands on senior team

Measured Performance. Predictable Results.

Integrity and Reputation to find the safest and cost effective solution.

Innovative Options. Thinking outside of the box. Embracing Technology.

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